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I see lurkers!!!!

Hi everybody!...I see new faces out there, Let's introduce ourseves a bit, and get some activity going!

For those who are curious, Tragnon is the name of one of my first D&D characters, who has been reborn in many different ways, Currently on EQ, although his D&D self may make an NPC reprise in the near future. I am sneaking up on 41, married to our lovely co-host Brianna_78, and we have the cutest little (almost) 3 year old girl, who if you look in my journal is either refered to as A, or as dubbed by one of our friends recently as Princess. We are Pagan, poly, sci-fi, geeks. I recently started a seacoast poly website and that has links to some other resources. Any contributions of content would be great.

Currently, my only partner is Brianna, although I am hoping that I can meet more poly friendly people, and expand my world. It doesn't help that I am a bit on the shy side, and have difficulty meeting people to begin with. (B tripped me at a roller skating rink, and I fell for her!) I know that I am not alone in this, finding other poly people can be difficult, since so many hide in shadows, afraid to come out. Shy people like me have difficulty in meeting new people, much less introducing them to a radically different lifestyle than is the norm.

So, that said, come on in, put your feet up, and sit a spell. The natives are friendly, and we would live to hear from people. Also, spread the word, if you have poly friends, point them this way. I'd like to try to start having a monthly D&D game, (adventurettes, not a long campaign), and maybe a picnic outing once the weather warms up.
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