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No lurking for me!

Good morning everyone.

I just came across the link to this community, though I think I've heard about it before. So, here's me.

I'm 27, married to a wonderful man who introduced me to the idea of poly when we first started dating many years ago. We live in southern Maine around Portland. I often post in poly communities with the perspective of the person dealing with her partner having other partners. This is a bit hard to describe, but there's a question involved as well.

Have any of you felt like "I'm poly, but I don't want any relationships beyond the one I have right now."? Like, there's only so much energy to go around, and that there isn't enough left over for another love? I know that love itself is infinite, but time and awakeness are. :)

I haven't been much open to new love for several years now, since something ended very badly, and sometimes I feel like I should figure that out and at least lower the walls a little.

Anyway, that's me and my confusion in a nutshell. It's very cool to see a more local place, and I look forward to hearing and writing more.
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