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Comfort Zone

I never thought of myself as hiding within a comfort zone. I had thought that I was in the habit of challenging myself and going outside the box. In response to a comment I posted in the polyamory group, I find that to meet more like minded people, I have to move outside of the activities that I normally find myself in. My current existance tends to leave me working, doing school work, and maybe doing some things online. Guess this needs to be changed, and I need to get out. It has been suggested that good social interaction takes place on Live Action Role Playing events, as well as table top gaming. For years I was a D&D player, but now nobody seems to play. Can an old D&D player find a home in a new world, learn a new game? I suppose it can happen, given the right time and opportunity.

I fell into my first poly situation by accident, and the situation lasted for several years. Now, I find myself trying to put myself in a position where it can happen again. Time for me to be more outgoing, and get my parrot feathers out from behind this computer.
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