John (tragnon) wrote in seacoast_poly,


Welcome to the Seacoast Poly community. As long as we keep things respectful in here, we can have fun. It is my goal to eventually have a large enough community of local Poly families/poly minded singles to have a meet up somewhere in the area.

I don't want to see posts looking for the mythical hot, bi-babe, but feel free to Introduce yourself, and what your current relationship status is. If somebody reading it is interested, I am certain that you will get some comments.

If you are visiting this community, and reside far,far away, I welcome you, but warn you that I want to keep this group somewhat geographically focused, so any events that we come up with, will probably be in this area.

Enough with the welcome message, let's start by discussing soon as we get a few members.
Tags: welcome
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